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Kentucky Photography

We recently wend to visit family in Kentucky and took a drive in the beautiful countryside on a little photo expedition. It was so wonderously picturesque.

horse farm in lexington Kentucky art for sale

Kentucky Farm Art for Sale

Loved this old red barn with the limestone fence in front of it. I loved all things limestone in Kentucky!

old red barnin Kentucky  and limestone fence

Old Red Barn with Limestone Fence

I just loved these steps built into the limestone fence…leading right up to an opening on top of the fence.


Kentucky art for sale limestone steps up fence

Limestone Steps – Kentucky Art for Sale

This country lane was so pretty winding it’s way through the Kentucky countryside.

Kentucky Wall Art country road

Kentucky Country Road

Found this old shed with a limestone fence in front of it. You can see an old barn in the background. Such lovely scenes all around Lexington, Kentucky.


Kentucky wall art

Rock Fence and Old Shed in Kentucky

I just love this gate set into this rock fence. This was taken on a drive outside of Lexington, Kentucky. Like I said, I was in love with all things limestone fence!

Kentucky Art for sale

Old Gate in Limestone Fence – Kentucky Wall Art

Click on any link under the photos to take you to my artist website where I have my photography for sale. Here is a link to my full gallery of Kentucky Art for sale. If you’re ever driving through Kentucky, take time to get off the main highways and explore their beautiful countryside.