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The Dinner Bell

This dinner bell brings back so many memories. I was in college when my parents bought a lakehouse at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Right after the house was built, they hung this old dinner bell and railroad spike on the tree by the deck.

old iron triangle dinner ball

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So many memories of that bell. Ringing it to call people up from the lake to the house for many, many loud-boisterous-chaotic meals. So much laughter. So many days spent with good friends and family. The memories of the kids arguing on whose turn it was to ring the bell.

Things change. Years go by. We rarely go to the lakehouse anymore…Lake of the Ozarks is no longer the place it used to be. My parents maybe go once a year. But my grown children still go regularly. I can only hope they are still ringing that dinner bell for meals with their family and friends. Next time I go to the lake, I’m so going to take a video of someone ringing that bell–I want to hear that lovely sound once again.