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Wish you were Here Project

A group of photographers from around the world are participating in a weekly year long project called Wish You Were Here. We shoot a photo each week that captures a moment of our week then share them on the Wish You Were Here blog.

I met these ladies through Deb Schwedhelm‘s wonderful photography workshop, Continuing the Journey. It is a continuation of her workshop Breaking the Mold. She is offering the Breaking the Mold Workshop again this spring. Details are here

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, if you’re interested in taking the workshop this spring. It was the workshop that turned my photography around. Started me shooting what I love. Helped me think outside the box.

Anyway, I’ve met some fabulous photographers from her workshops. There is such a flow and a contrast to seeing all the photos, one after the next on the blog. Summer, winter, family, landscapes-a mix of whatever captures the photographer that week.

Here are my first 4 weeks’ photos for January:

My grandmother’s desk.
my grandmother's desk

Moving Day One–I’m sure we’ll have another truckload before we are finished.
moving day one

On the Mantel
on the mantel

The morning after. Let’s just say we had a really fun weekend with all the boys coming into town to surprise my husband for his birthday.
the morning after

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