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Where I Spend My Time

This is where I spend my time now. It’s my office, my happy hour place, my morning coffee spot.

on the point

and I spend hours and hours out there watching the sunsets…

This is my life, and I enjoy every extraordinary, ordinary moment of every day.

Fuji XT1 Mirrorless Camera

I grew tired of hauling around the 20+ lbs of Canon camera gear and lovely L lenses all the time. I wanted something smaller that I could have with me all the time. Still shoot in manual (though their aperture priority pretty much rocks, too.) Lightweight. Easy to just toss in my bag.

Decided on the Fuji XT1 and the 18-55mm lens. Okay, I might have also purchased the 27mm pancake lens for when I want to keep things really small.

fuji xt1

Some photos from my testing:

Out walking on our property. Testing out about f14 I believe.

sunflare with fuji xt1

Lovely colors on this rose taken after a rain storm. 18-55 lens, 27mm f 3.2  1/320. The camera took me awhile to figure out. Steep learning curve since I’ve shot Canon since my film days.

rose after the storm

Went out for a bit of street photography… yes, this piano was out on the street…

piano on the street

Jesse Hall at Mizzou. I was shooting raw + jpgs, but I tell you–this camera shoots fabulous jpgs and I rarely had to go to raw files and mess with them. Lightroom is a bit wonky with the raw files, and I’m still trying to figure that all out.

Jesse Hall Mizzou

Lovely close up of an iris. This camera just nailed the focus.


Inside window light. 27mm lens. f 2.8 1/110 ISO 400. Pretty flowers from my husband.

flowers in vase

Out in our meadow. Love the colors. Love how the daisy has captured that one blade of grass.

daisies in meadow with fuji xt1

And, of course, a photo of Jack, our blue merle aussie. “Helping” my husband plant flowers.

blue merle aussie

My back and my shoulders thank me now when take this tiny camera out on my photo walks. I’m actually thinking of selling off some of my Canon gear.

Wish you were Here Project

A group of photographers from around the world are participating in a weekly year long project called Wish You Were Here. We shoot a photo each week that captures a moment of our week then share them on the Wish You Were Here blog.

I met these ladies through Deb Schwedhelm‘s wonderful photography workshop, Continuing the Journey. It is a continuation of her workshop Breaking the Mold. She is offering the Breaking the Mold Workshop again this spring. Details are here, if you’re interested in taking the workshop this spring. It was the workshop that turned my photography around. Started me shooting what I love. Helped me think outside the box.

Anyway, I’ve met some fabulous photographers from her workshops. There is such a flow and a contrast to seeing all the photos, one after the next on the blog. Summer, winter, family, landscapes-a mix of whatever captures the photographer that week.

Here are my first 4 weeks’ photos for January:

My grandmother’s desk.
my grandmother's desk

Moving Day One–I’m sure we’ll have another truckload before we are finished.
moving day one

On the Mantel
on the mantel

The morning after. Let’s just say we had a really fun weekend with all the boys coming into town to surprise my husband for his birthday.
the morning after