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She Floats a River of Red Satin

Another photo from  The Awakening Series. More information about The Awakening Fine Art Photography Series is here. I must have re-edited this photo a dozen times. Adding to it, changing, adding more, taking more away. I don’t promise I won’t edit this one yet again…

She Floats a River of Red Satin 

She Floats a river of red satin


My Other Work in The Awakening Fine Art Photography Project

She Longs to Dance in the Rain

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Kentucky Photography

We recently wend to visit family in Kentucky and took a drive in the beautiful countryside on a little photo expedition. It was so wonderously picturesque.

horse farm in lexington Kentucky art for sale

Kentucky Farm Art for Sale

Loved this old red barn with the limestone fence in front of it. I loved all things limestone in Kentucky!

old red barnin Kentucky  and limestone fence

Old Red Barn with Limestone Fence

I just loved these steps built into the limestone fence…leading right up to an opening on top of the fence.


Kentucky art for sale limestone steps up fence

Limestone Steps – Kentucky Art for Sale

This country lane was so pretty winding it’s way through the Kentucky countryside.

Kentucky Wall Art country road

Kentucky Country Road

Found this old shed with a limestone fence in front of it. You can see an old barn in the background. Such lovely scenes all around Lexington, Kentucky.


Kentucky wall art

Rock Fence and Old Shed in Kentucky

I just love this gate set into this rock fence. This was taken on a drive outside of Lexington, Kentucky. Like I said, I was in love with all things limestone fence!

Kentucky Art for sale

Old Gate in Limestone Fence – Kentucky Wall Art

Click on any link under the photos to take you to my artist website where I have my photography for sale. Here is a link to my full gallery of Kentucky Art for sale. If you’re ever driving through Kentucky, take time to get off the main highways and explore their beautiful countryside.

She Longs to Dance in the Rain

I’ve started a new series of photos. I call this series The Awakening. They are a series of self portraits where I’m exploring the idea of finding yourself, or finding what makes your heart sing. What really fulfills you. How you find it. The transformation you make as you are searching. The yearning to figure it out. The person you become when you do what really calls to you.

As a lot of you know, I started in photography with a film camera back in my early 20’s. I don’t believe that photography really spoke to me until I started with a DSLR in my 50’s. I’ve done portrait photography, newborns, seniors, boudoir, and food photography.  While I rarely do any of the genres of portrait photography any more, I still do a lot of photography. I sell my photography for wall art on my artist website.

But now as I find that photography speaks to me in ways I had never imagined, I explore, I search. I get frustrated, elated, confused, ecstatic. I’ve had this idea for this series, The Awakening, for awhile, but never had the guts to put myself out there and actually do the images, process them as I see them in my mind, and show them to people. Not to mention, figure out all the logistics of taking self portraits. There was a lot of trial and error (missed focus on self portraits) at the beginning.

So here is the first image in my series. I’m sure as I go along, I may change the sequence as the series grows. Join me in my exploration of The Awakening:

She Longs to Dance in the Rain

She Longs to Dance in the Rain