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The Dinner Bell

This dinner bell brings back so many memories. I was in college when my parents bought a lakehouse at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Right after the house was built, they hung this old dinner bell and railroad spike on the tree by the deck.

old iron triangle dinner ball

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So many memories of that bell. Ringing it to call people up from the lake to the house for many, many loud-boisterous-chaotic meals. So much laughter. So many days spent with good friends and family. The memories of the kids arguing on whose turn it was to ring the bell.

Things change. Years go by. We rarely go to the lakehouse anymore…Lake of the Ozarks is no longer the place it used to be. My parents maybe go once a year. But my grown children still go regularly. I can only hope they are still ringing that dinner bell for meals with their family and friends. Next time I go to the lake, I’m so going to take a video of someone ringing that bell–I want to hear that lovely sound once again.

Some of my Fine Art Work

I’ve been busy photography and processing more work for my artist website. I thought I’d share a few of them with you here on my blog.

Here is one lone chocolate on a white plate…calling my name. A French word overlay from French Kiss Collections was added to the image.
one chocolate
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This next image was captured on a cold winter’s day off of my back porch. I love the fiery colors of the sunset and the usual clouds and contrails.

brilliant sunset with pointing contrail clouds


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This next image is a still life set up of a piece from my growing collection of jadite. I’ve become quite the collector of jadite. Love having my morning coffee out of this coffee cup-my favorite jadite piece–for now.

jadite coffee cup still lifeJadite Kitchen Wall Art

Anyway, I’ve been keeping myself busy and out of the mostly rainy spring we’ve had here in Missouri by setting up still life shots, photographing them, and processing the images. Just any day I hear it’s supposed to be spring. Just any day…


A Walk Around Mizzou

I went out on a late winter/early spring walk around the Mizzou campus last week. We had a day of beautiful warm weather and I needed to get outside and enjoy it.

Here is a photo of the Memorial Union Clock tower at Mizzou. I love the unusal angle of this.

Mizzou Memorial Union Clock TowerFine Art Print Available for Sale

So, out of curiousity, I read up on the history of The Memorial Union. I mean, I went to school there in the 70’s and never really wondered about it. Now, I wondered. It is called the Memorial Union as a memorial to the fallen Mizzou alumni in World War I. Interesting. The tower portion was built between 1923-1926. They broke ground for the north building at the 1930 Homecoming, but the Great Depression halted work on it. The project was started again in 1951 and completed in 1952. The AP Green chapel was added in 1959, and the south wing completed in 1963.

columbia mo memorial union

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I think the Memorial Union is such a beautiful building. The above shot is looking at the union from the white campus of Mizzou.

This next photograph is of Cornell Hall, the business school building. A beautiful building inside and out. Much, much different than Middlebush where I attended my business classes in the 70’s!

mizzou business schoolCornell Hall Fine Art Print Available Here

 A quick stroll over to The Quad and a nicely framed shot of the columns in Francis Quadrangle. (which we always just referred to as The Quad).

francis quad at university of Missouri

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I then cut through Jesse Hall–such lovely woodwork on the inside–must get that next trip. Here is a shot of Jesse Hall taken from the south of the building.

jesse hall at Mizzou admin building

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The campus is closed for spring break in a few weeks and I’d like to go over again and see what kind of photos I can get without so many people on campus. I did have to edit some people out of these photos. It was a beautiful day, tons of kids were out walking around enjoying the springlike weather.

A link to my complete portfolio of Mizzou and Columbia Fine Art Photos. Prints, framed prints, canvas, metal and acrylic prints are available for sale, as well as greeting cards.